27 August 2010

sick day

24 hours into 5th grade and harrison is sick. he has a fever and is holding a puke bucket. kent is off working and our 300 n is still torn up with major holes and piles of dirt. i love having no traffic. harrison and i got to webcam with alecia and ruthie and get a tour of their awesome new house. kaleigh will be home for the weekend and that will be nice having her here. harrison has a ticket for raging waters this weekend. i hope he gets feeling better soon. the secretary at school said that i was the 8th mother to call in with a sick child and that most kids are feeling sick for 6-24 hours.


alecia said...

So sorry! He catches every bug! Vitamin D pumps up your immune system...and exercise.

Brittany said...

Poor eighy! I hope he feels better soon.

I love it when you blog!