08 September 2011

fencin hesin

Canyons Community Education
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RegistrationWerks Fencing Basics - Ages 12 and under - Harrison Bourne
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24 August 2011

6th grade

he's doing a great job today. he had his music class and learned about clefs and staffs. playing the guitar will help him in that class.  he chatted with my mom and dad and told them all about the guitar and even played for them. they wanted to know how he was learning and he said his dad is teaching him. they were surprised and thought it was great! ellen wants to know if she can try that small walmart guitar that was harrison's. he enjoyed his history class. he loved meeting all of the middle school teachers. they were each in their houses and showed the kids their dogs and kids. pretty cool. next is math...algebra. wonder when the calculus comes up...if it doesn't start for awhile i'm going to read the book first and try to be more prepared to help him.

04 August 2011

baby steps to bloggin again?

i dunno...but i'm gonna try blogging again.

today marks a huge day for me. i hope the huge days aren't my only blog days. i got rid of credit cards today. harrison helped me by showing me monopoly money and saying, "now you won't be using THIS!" he is a great teacher at his young age. i am terrified of using "cash only" but i have proven to myself that i cannot be trusted to think clearly with a credit card in my back pocket at all times. i already feel freed even though the fear is still huge. my friends and family have all told me that i can do this and i trust them all. thanks everyone!

21 December 2010

17 September 2010

27 August 2010

first day of 5th grade

Thursday 8/26/10 was Harrison's first day of 5th grade. His teacher is Mrs Foisy. He used his ipod for an alarm and put on new clothes. He rode his bike to Pahvant. He said the day was "pretty good" and he told about playing kickball, eating lunch, going to PE, playing with friends at recess, going to an assembly. Then he rode his bike home. He was tired!

Later we went to his second soccer game of the season. He looked great as the goalie. But when he was playing defense he was so into it. He made a great kick/pass. His confidence shot up and he was even more into it. He had a blast.

Then we went to pack meeting where Harrison was awarded the 6 badges he earned over the summer. Half of his soccer team was at pack meeting lol.

sick day

24 hours into 5th grade and harrison is sick. he has a fever and is holding a puke bucket. kent is off working and our 300 n is still torn up with major holes and piles of dirt. i love having no traffic. harrison and i got to webcam with alecia and ruthie and get a tour of their awesome new house. kaleigh will be home for the weekend and that will be nice having her here. harrison has a ticket for raging waters this weekend. i hope he gets feeling better soon. the secretary at school said that i was the 8th mother to call in with a sick child and that most kids are feeling sick for 6-24 hours.

08 July 2010

scientist brain

Harrison is planning us a family trip. He knows the maximum amount of money we can spend on the trip. He had some destination ideas: Las Vegas, Capitol Reef, St George, Palisade State Park. I gave him the lodging costs in each location and also the mileage to each location. I told him we get about 25 miles per gallon of gas. He immediately began long division using 25 as the divisor and each location's mileage as the dividend. The only question he asked was "how much is 1 gallon of gas?" The boy just has a mathematical brain that is always busy. Oh, his decision is Las Vegas. He is even prepared with a wallet of spending money. What a great kid. This is going to be so much fun.